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All-day bar-café

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Damn good.
All day.

A salute to the permit rooms of Bombay.

Seriously good bar snacks, moreish curries, plates for sharing (and a handful of best Dishoom favourites). Breakfasts too.

And of course, crackingly good cocktails to wash it all down with.

Swinging by the morning after the night before? There’s a Bacon Naan Roll with your name on it.

We’re kicking back like Bombayites. In 1949, liquor was banned in the city and enterprising Aunties secretly served drinks from their front rooms, a boiled egg vendor stationed outside as a sign for those who knew. By the 1970s the law was loosened up, and permit holders (having obtained their liquor permits ‘for the preservation or maintenance of health’ no less) could buy alcohol. Permit Rooms were officially born.

No matter the hour or shuffling mood at Permit Room – just come as you are.

Friends toasting their crackingly good cocktails at Dishoom Permit Room.

Our bar-cafés

Where to find us

Friends toasting their crackingly good cocktails at Dishoom Permit Room.

To drink…

Short and Boozy. Twisted Classics. Highballs and Morning Glories. Seriously good, expertly crafted, savour-every-sip cocktails. Wine of every colour – natural and biodynamic. Cooling Lassis and Teetotals too. Chilled beers and special collabs with local breweries (that go really well with our Snacks and Savouries). And for the morning after the night before, piping hot House Chai will be waiting for you.

A tribute…to the colourful Bombay drinking history.

See the drinks menus

Get down

We turn the volume up at Permit Room – taking cues from the jam sessions of Slip-Disc and Rang Bhavan in ‘70s Bombay. In the speakers, rootsy beats: Blondie, Grace Jones, Talking Heads, early hip-hop and Asha Puthli.

Behind the decks, local DJs spin favourite grooves from worn vinyls. Knees will tap and spirits lift high.

Friends toasting their crackingly good cocktails at Dishoom Permit Room.

Swing by

Permit Room is mostly for walk-ins – but we do hold some tables for reservations. If you’re with a big party, it’s best to book in advance (you might be spread across some close-together tables). Just head to your preferred location page to make a reservation. Any questions – chat with our team.

What's on

There’s an eclectic mix of events at Permit Room: great pop-ups, local performers, DJ nights and other happenings.

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Guest DJs bring epic mixes to Dishoom Permit Room in Brighton's Lanes.


Come celebrate
Bring your family, friends, dogs. Feast together to celebrate your graduation. Plus, enjoy a Clover Club cocktail on us. Offer runs from Monday 22nd July – Friday 2nd August. Click for details.
Guest DJs bring epic mixes to Dishoom Permit Room in Brighton's Lanes.

New dishes

From the Chefs
All Locations
Anticipate delicious newness. Kick start the day with The Full Permit or Akuri Pau. All-day: Lamb Samosas, Prawn Recheado and our Chef’s Lamb Curry. All eager for your trying.
Guest DJs bring epic mixes to Dishoom Permit Room in Brighton's Lanes.

Vinyl Nights

Thursdays from 7.30pm
All Locations
Our local resident DJs will be on the decks, spinning worn vinyls and favourite grooves. Come, every Thursday, for a beer, bite, boogie. Late-night revelry, all-round.
Guest DJs bring epic mixes to Dishoom Permit Room in Brighton's Lanes.


All Locations
Drinks shake up the spirit of Permit Room – our food is made to be washed down with expertly crafted, crackingly-good cocktails. They pack a punch (voted ‘Best Cocktails’ at the BRAVO Awards). Come see why.

Meal for a Meal

For every meal we serve, we donate a meal to a child who would otherwise go hungry. A meal for a meal.

A hungry child cannot concentrate. A hungry child will not absorb information. When hunger is a barrier to education it also becomes a barrier to social mobility. A child that is not fed can become a teenager that did not learn and an adult that stays in poverty. We care about breaking down these barriers.

To date, we have donated over 20 million meals to hungry children, helping to break down the barriers that hinder their learning and helping to enhance their educational outcomes.


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Is Permit Room a Dishoom?

Permit Room is its own special thing, but you'll find some of your Dishoom favourites on the menu.

When is Oxford opening?

Our Oxford bar-café will open later this year. To be the first to know more, sign up to our newsletter here.

Do I need to make a booking to visit Permit Room?

We like walk-ins, but bookings are also available. Click here to make a reservation. For larger groups and special events, feel free to send us an email at to ask about this. 

Does Permit Room allow dogs?

You can hang out with your canine friends at Permit Room at all times.

Is your food halal?

Our lamb and chicken are sourced from Halal-certified suppliers, and we have copies of the certificates available if you'd like to see them. Our animals are stunned before slaughter, adhering to our commitment to ethical practices.

We do offer items like alcohol, sausages, and bacon, but rest assured that all Haram items are prepared separately. They're cooked on dedicated griddles or pans, with utensils thoroughly washed afterwards. These items are also stored separately in our refrigeration area.

Please feel free to send us an email at for more info. 

Does Permit Room cater for allergy and dietary requirements?

Absolutely. Help us help you by letting us know of all dietary needs and allergies beforehand (especially the more serious ones). For any questions before you swing by, get in touch via email or chat.

Can we visit Permit Room for drinks only?

We’re an all-day bar-café, with a bunch of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on the menu, so you're welcome to come along, grab a seat and try them out. But we always recommend a few snacks to enjoy alongside.

Does Permit Room do home deliveries?

Yes – when we said round-the-clock deliciousness, we meant it. Use the Deliveroo app to dispatch delights from our Permit Room kitchen, straight to your door. (But check that we deliver to your area first.)

Join our team

Come join our team – we’re always on the lookout for awesome people (Front of House, Kitchen and everything in between). There’s brilliant career opportunities (not to mention great perks and benefits) and we’re voted #1 place to work in Hospitality by Best Companies. Have a snoop.

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Press the chat bubble (bottom right hand corner) to get to someone sharpish 10am – 5pm daily. Email if you like too.

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From 8am until late on weekdays, and 9am until late on weekends from1st November.

32 East St

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